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May 2016

AFL’s Jarryd Roughead confirms immunotherapy treatment for melanoma metastases.

HAWTHORN star Jarryd Roughead is starting targeted immunotherapy treatment next week to treat his advanced melanoma . Jarryd Roughead has confirmed at his press conference this morning that 4 spots have been detected on his lungs. These have been biopsied and proven to be melanoma metastases. He will begin his immunotherapy next week and is expecting to undertake this therapy for 12 months. “When the news hit two weeks ago it was shock …Read More

Bob Marley Shouldn’t Have Died From Melanoma

Bob Marley, the Jamaican singer, musician and songwriter, died from melanoma 35 years ago. Marley had been diagnosed with an acral lentiginous melanoma under the toenail of his big toe. He had previously thought the discoloured nail was due to a soccer injury and had dismissed it. Once finally diagnosed, doctor’s had recommended amputation of the big toe to prevent the spread of the melanoma. Because Marley was a keen …Read More

Patients with Familial Atypical Multiple Mole Syndrome and Multiple Melanomas need a Molemap

The greatest risk for melanoma is thought to be having a large number of moles with some atypical moles thrown in the mix. It is very important to monitor for new or changing moles in these patients. When a patient is diagnosed with melanoma, they are at an increased risk of having another primary melanoma somewhere else on their body. 13 % of our melanoma patients go on to have …Read More

Melanoma Awareness Month

For melanoma awareness advocates the month May is Melanoma awareness month. It is a time to spread the word on the seriousness of a melanoma diagnosis and the importance prevention. If you haven’t had a skin check or mole mapping for over a year it is time to book yourself in for a  full body examination with a doctor who has had training in dermatoscopy and is able to recognise the …Read More

Alarming Melanoma Rates At Peninsula Skin Cancer Centre

Record breaking number of melanomas at our two clinics in 2015! Collating the number of melanomas found at our clinic we had the extremely high total of 366 melanomas in 2015. This is an increase of 57% from melanomas found in 2014. Luckily 98% of these melanomas were under 1mm deep which means that the 5 year survival rate for these patients is approaching 100%. They will all need close …Read More