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July 2016

Winter is the best time for a skin check or molemap!

Skin cancer is one of the easiest cancers to detect because it is on the outside of the body, in view for us all to see. In summertime, when it’s hot, we shed all the layers of clothes necessary for winter and walk around in singlets, shorts, strappy dresses and bathers. This leads to many skin cancers being detected by the patient, a family member or even a complete stranger …Read More

Melanoma diagnostic accuracy improved with dermoscopy

If your doctor is not using a dermatoscope and hasn’t had training in identifying skin cancer at it’s earliest stage, then it’s time to have your skin checked by a doctor who is accredited with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and is an expert in dermoscopy. Dermoscopy enables the doctor to see microscopic features within the top few layers of the skin. They will be able to detect patterns …Read More

Molemap for melanoma detection

Melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer. Although only representing 2% of all skin cancers, it is responsible for 75% of all skin cancer deaths. Early detection is vital for a good survival rate. Mole mapping is most effective method for detecting melanoma early. The biggest risk factor for melanoma is having a large number of moles that can include some large atypical moles. When a patient has many moles, …Read More