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September 2016

Molemap versus Skincheck – What should I book?

Whilst the most common skin cancers in Australia are BCC’s and SCC’s, the skin cancer responsible for the most deaths is melanoma. Melanoma is usually detected as a pigmented lesion that shows some asymmetry in pigment and structures and also exhibits change when monitored over a short or long term. A molemap, including total body photography, is the best surveillance program to detect melanoma. When booking in at the dermatologist …Read More

Tattoos and melanoma: How to protect against skin cancer

We know that ink in tattoos do not cause skin cancer and that tattoos do not protect our skin from UV sun damage. Tattoos can however make it difficult for the patient and their doctor to notice any early changes to the skin or individual moles. Many melanomas are detected using magnified images of moles checking for changes. Most melanomas will appear as a new mole on clean skin, where …Read More