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Looking after your skin in Winter

Image of healthy skin in the snow

Winter, with it’s blustery winds and cold temperature, is a time when the skin loses moisture and becomes dry. It’s important to use some moisturiser and one with an SPF is even better. Avoid bathing with water that is too hot as that can dehydrate the skin and use a soap free wash to avoid stripping the natural oils from your skin.

The UV Index in June, July and August is usually below 3, so suncreen is not necessary unless you are outside for a prolonged time or up in alpine regions like the snow, where the UV index can be doubled due to the reflection from the snow and ice. So if you’re heading off to the slopes, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, sunglasses or goggles.

Winter is also a great time to come in for your annual skin check. If there is any treatment required like PDT or Picato, the skin has time to heal before the harsh UV returns in spring.

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