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Melanoma diagnostic accuracy improved with dermoscopy

Image of a dermatoscope being used on a patient in a skincheck or molemap

If your doctor is not using a dermatoscope and hasn’t had training in identifying skin cancer at it’s earliest stage, then it’s time to have your skin checked by a doctor who is accredited with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and is an expert in dermoscopy. Dermoscopy enables the doctor to see microscopic features within the top few layers of the skin. They will be able to detect patterns and colours within the skin lesion that will help diagnose if that lesion is a skin cancer and also what sort of skin cancer it most likely is. Dermoscopy will also enable the doctor to eliminate unnecessary excisions of benign lesions. Dermoscopy is also useful when excising a skin cancer to help decide where the skin cancer margins are. Only sending the skin biopsy to pathology will give a definitive result.

All our doctors have specialised training in dermoscopy which is why our clinic detected 365 melanomas in 2015 and over 98% of these melanomas were less than 1mm deep!

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