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National Skin Cancer Action Week

National Skin Cancer Action Week is the 19th to 25th of November in 2017.
The theme this year is #SunSmartGeneration as the younger generations have been brought up with our Sunsmart message. This has led a decrease in the number of melanomas in this age group. The older generation however, continue to have an increase in the number of skin cancers, including melanoma. This age group have also shown a decrease in the number of adults using sun protection. #SunSmartGeneration is encouraging all generations to use all 5 forms of sun protection this year throughout Spring and Summer.
Slip – slip on a long sleeve shirt
Slop – slop on some sunscreen
Slap – slap on a hat
Seek – seek some shade
Slide – slide on some sun glasses
Most skin cancers are caused by UV exposure, so by following these 5 forms of sun protection, we can prevent most skin cancers.

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