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Positive News For Melanoma Treatment

Researchers at Melanoma Institute Australia have released a report showing encouraging results for stage 3 melanoma patients, that is melanoma patients who have had melanoma spread to their lymph nodes.

In the past, stage 3 melanoma treatments had very poor results in stopping the progression of melanoma metastasis, with 40-70% developing advanced and fatal melanoma. Researchers at Melanoma Institute Australia now have results from two trials that have encouraging results.

The first trial COMBI-AD, used targeted therapies dabrafenib and trametinib for melanoma patients with the BRAF mutation. The other trial CheckMate238 compared novlumab vs ipilmumab on stage 3 and 4 melanoma patients.

Both trials showed the promise of being able to stop the melanoma from metastasising in 53% and 35% of patients respectively.

More details to these results here:


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