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Skin Checks

What are Skin Checks?

Apeninsula-skin-cancer molemappingt Peninsula Skin Cancer Centre we understand that all skin types may get skin cancer, so we provide a full skin check service. As part of this service, one of our qualified nurses performs a systematic total body check using hand held dermoscopy. A doctor will then see each patient to check each mole and lesion and discuss a treatment program if required. Some treatment may be performed during this skin check appointment.

Each total body skin check takes up to half an hour and is a good option for individuals who have had an initial mole map and have been advised that a skin check is more appropriate for them.

Each skin check costs $75 at the time of consultation and $37.05 is claimable on the spot from Medicare.

All Pensioners, HCC holders, DVA card holders and patients over the age of 75 are fully Bulk Billed for this service.

NB: It is essential that the medical staff have a clear view of your skin so when attending a skin check – please NO MAKE UP, NAIL POLISH, SUNSCREEN OR MOISTURISER.

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